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JLA Property Management


J. Lowery & Associates is the mission control for your property management offering a
transparent and collaborative solution.





Advertising Syndication

  • Advertise your property on over 30 rental listing websites
  • Track which websites are attracting tenants to your rental

Listing Management

  • Monitor upcoming rental vacancies to prepare for turnovers

Professional Website

  • Create an elegant listing website for prospective tenants and the community to view our rentals
  • Automatically update property details and the showing calendar as changes are made to our rentals.


Rental Showings

  • Pre-screens tenants, schedules showings, remind tenants of showings, and follow up with tenants after the showing.
  • Allow local licensed agents to show our rental properties.

Tenant Leads

  • Track anyone who inquired about our rental, including contact information and qualifications.
  • Follow up with all leads using the right communication, at the right time, based on time and actions.


  • Track progress through an online comprehensive application, including the last two employers and
  • Allow tenants to fill out a free application before making the decision to move forward on tenant screening.


Credit Report

  • Provide a comprehensive report and score, including tradelines, public filings, and bankruptcies.
  • Share the information with the tenant to provide transparency.

Background Check

  • Check through the nationwide eviction database, best available criminal records database, and sex offender registry list.
  • Provide the details of any negative records, from fraud indicators to court case details.



Alerts & Reminders

  • Digital reminders in place for when leases are coming up for renewal, track vacancies and use real-time intelligence to list outstanding tasks
  • Notifies owners, and tenants on their next actions.

Document Storage

  • Save and protect your important property and tenant documents in a cloud-based location.
  • Provide unlimited storage for photos, useful with move in and out inspections.


  • Keep a record of all messages with tenants and prospective tenants
  • Ability to message entire buildings or multiple leases, with responses only going to you


Instant Bank Verification

  • Work with all US banks, offering security encryption and unlimited bank accounts.
  • Offers instant account verification for major banks.

Full Featured Payments

  • Requests recurring rent reminds tenants on upcoming payments, and provides options of ACH, credit, or debit.
  • Allow you to decide on accepting full payments or having tenant split the rent.
  • Supports multiple bank accounts for deposit or your portfolio of investments.
  • Rent payments made directly to owners’ account.

Automated Late Fees

  • Automatic requests for late fees, per the lease agreement
  • Requires late fees to be paid prior to the rent
  • Choose between one-time vs daily late fees with starting and max. amount

P&L Reportings

  • Track income and expenses from online payments and manual entries.
  • Upload documents and receipts for any transaction


Repair Tracking

  • Alerts you with maintenance requests, providing ability to upload photo and video documentation
  • Provides a streamlined process to communicate effectively with service professionals and tenants.

Service Professionals

  • Manage local professionals in one place, including contact information

Maintenance Coordination

  • Manage maintenance to service professionals and directly updates tenants on the status.
  • Provides a US-based call center, where specialists know what vendors to route maintenance requests.
  • 12% of rental charge Property Management fee per month. $120 minimum charge.
  • There is a one-time fee equal to the amount
    of the first month’s rent to set up tenant,advertise, initial lease signature
  • Vacancy fee for lawn maintenance and filters $100 per month.
  • Late fees are also 10% of fees charged to tenants.
  • Evictions $300 plus court costs
  • Maintenance fees- Any repairs or maintenance billed directly to the owner,there is no charge.
  • If the owners would like J. Lowery & Associates to pay vendors to be reimbursed, there will be a 10% upcharge.
  • Tenants are charged a $50 application/background check fee. Not
    charged to owner.